Duane Mortensen

Duane Mortensen, the owner of Mort’s Gas, comes from a family of propane experts. Starting at a young age, he worked in his parent’s propane company, sweeping, cleaning, then bookkeeping. Eventually, he learned every aspect of the propane business. 

He ultimately owned his own propane company in Port Townsend. Because of his hard work and success, he was able to sell that business at a profit. He then moved to Aberdeen to help his friend open and run a new propane company.  When that business was also sold, he started Mort’s Gas so he could continue serving customers in the Grays Harbor area with their installation, repair and maintenance needs. At each propane company that he has worked for, he was considered the resident expert and problem solver. Although he does not sell propane or natural gas, he can help with every other aspect of your gas needs, whether residential or commercial.